Stephen Lam

About me

I'm an IT professional, that's currently a System Administrator at a non profit organization. As part of my current role, I am responsible in finding inefficiencies, and coming up solutions. I use PowerShell daily to automate numerous repetitive tasks to improve reliability and consistency in my department. I am also interested in coding, and I've been experimenting with JavaScript via JQuery. Recently, I created a Cost of Borrowing calculator at work using JQuery and BootStrap to replace an older one that was built in Excel. Since then I've been playing around with Semantic-UI, which I am using right now on this site.

I’m a proud father of three young boys, and a husband to the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman I know. I’m very fortunate of the life that I have, and couldn’t ask for anything more. In my spare time, you’ll most likely find me in the gym, or doing something computer related.

My last personal project was to update my “cut the cord” setup. I purchased a Synology DS1815+ and setup Docker with all the necessary server application to enable full automation. This was a great experience that taught me a lot about Docker, which proved useful when I helped out a colleague troubleshoot their issues with Docker. Because of this, I deployed Docker as a proof of concept environment at work for quick and easy testing of potential solutions.

I’m now learning Twig so I can create a theme for PicoCMS using Semantic-UI. The theme is available on my GitHub.

About this site

This site is running PicoCMS developed by Gilbert Pellegrom with Semantic-UI framework.

My main use for this website is to post topics that I'm interested in:

"blog about nothing" is a reference to Seinfeld, which is one of my favourite shows, and was a huge influence on me when I was growing up.

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