Visual Studio Code - PowerShell editor of choice

In the past year I had migrated from Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell cmdlets to the standard one that comes with the Remote Server Adminstration Tools. With that change, I also started to look for alternatives to PowerGUI. The main reason I started to look for alternatives is because the software was out of date, and it was missing features from other ISE/IDE.

The first thing I tried was Sublime Text. It's a great editor, and I used it to create this website. But for PowerShell, it was missing features that I love in PowerGUI. Features like Intellisense and the ability to run code on the fly within the script, basically I want an ISE and not just an editor. In May, I started to look for alternative to Sublime Text and noticed that the Visual Studio Code (VSCode) with PowerShell language support had mature enough that it was a viable solution to my needs.

I start playing around with VSCode and really get a feel of it. At first, VSCode was ok, it fitted my needs better than Sublime Text, but it didn't feel as good as PowerGUI. The major pain point is the terminal, it's just plain weird. There's weird rendering issues, where input would overlap text and all sorts of weirdness that I never see in PowerGUI. Also you can't paste blocks of code directly into the terminal, as you can with PowerGUI or in a PowerShell command prompt, and to this day, you still can't do that. Instead of going into minute details of the pros and cons of VSCode for PowerShell, I'll do a list instead.